Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Contact Update For Organizer.

Spring is here and soon it will be summer. I am still accepting applicants/interests in the group retreat for all male nudists/naturists. Please do not let the information intimidate your budget. If many prefer camping, I will still work on setting up the event as planned. I will soon post the camping site rates, etc.

Anyone who knows Yoga and would like to volunteer his service, please leave a message/comment here or contact me directly. I will contribute my expertise in massage therapy to those who want to learn how to give Swedish massage properly.

Anyone who wants to carpool (offer or request a ride), please post your message/comment here.

Last but not least, anyone who wants to try out chicken satay (to be grilled at the camping site), contact me for details. There is a small fee to cover the chicken and BBQ pit (charcoal, etc).

My new contact is

Monday, January 5, 2009

Cabin Rental On A Farm Near Erie.

There is one vacation rental near Erie that I have been keeping an eye on. It is on a private farm with several cabins, the main house, and even horses. I think this place has potential for our group retreat. The basic cabin can accommodate 14 people nicely but we really have to get along really well and politely because we do have to share the rooms. The place itself costs about USD500 for two (2) nights. There is a 20% discount on weekdays. Meals are extras which I will be more than happy to arrange. Perhaps we can all chip in a certain amount and I will get the stuff at the store and take them with me to the place. Back at the cabin we all can cook together like one super big family. Sounds good? Naked hugs?

FYI - I don't know if this place is nudist/naturist friendly. But common sense tells me if we keep it private like not prancing around buck naked with the horses and stuff, we should be OK. When we are in the cabin/house, we are basically on our own.

Alternatively, if you have a decent size house, cabin or camp away from prying neighbors and would like to rent it to the group, please contact me. A house with a swimming pool and an open yard will be just perfect.

Tell me what you think by e-mailing me. Do share if you know a better place, will you?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Retreats, Natural Healing, Outdoor Activities, Etc.

Forest County and Warren County in NW Pennsylvania continue to allure outdoor enthusiasts from near and far - as far as Texas and Tennesse. Summer is the busiest season but Fall, Spring and Winter offer activities such as canoeing, trout and bass fishing, camping, boating, ATV-ing, hunting, hiking, cross country skiing, ice skating, and snow mobiling. The Allegheny Mountains have some of the most breathtaking sceneries in the country. Photo above is of the Allegheny River from Kinzua Dam where canoeing is simply splendid.

As the organizer, I research and make arrangements or suggestions for you to gather here either in a furnished cabin or rental home or at one of the many scenic camping sites that have basic facilities such as showers, toilets and water supply. Unfortunately NW PA is one of those many places in this country that does not tolerate nudism...among other things. So, our naked kumbaya will have to be maintained at an acceptable level like having a towel over your midsection when we are at a camping site...discretely letting our babies hang loose as much as we can. In a cabin or rental vacation home...well, shouldn't we all together say, hallelujah!

Some of the activities may include but not limited to:

  • lessons (massage, ethnic cuisine, culture, yoga, etc)

  • indoor fun (karaoke, poker, scrabble, psychic reading, etc)

  • outdoor fun (hiking, canoeing, camping, volleyball, etc)

  • networking for professionals (bring your marketing tools including your laptop and business cards)

  • one-on-one massage treatment by a Certified Massage Therapist at a nice discount.

The Costs

I would like to include every healthy and active men out there to the event and gathering. Logically these events cost money and as your organizer I will research carefully to offer you great locations that are affordable. As a not for profit event organizer, I believe in tranparency. My service fees are already included in every dollar you pay for the retreat or event - camping site fees, parking fees, cabin rentals, catered meals, and so on. The less catered the event is the less you pay for my services. These are two options for you to consider:

  • affordable and back-to-basic rugged getaway

  • resort style getaway with cabins, meals, and seasonal or/and on site activities included

Physical Fitness

You really don't need to be an athlete to participate in the event. Anyone who is fit enough to walk at a decently fast phase without having to catch a breath every 10 seconds should be considered fit. If it were up to me to define what fit meant, I would say if you have a bit of a guy tummy, you are just as fit as I am. We know we are all smart adults and we know what obesity is and what it can do to your heart when we start jungle trekking up the mountains. Hey, if you are far behind everybody else during the hiking, you know those wild bears are waitin' for ya'!


Camping events and an overnight events are made affordable to everyone because we all bring our own food in whatever form we like. OK, let me take that back. No livestocks are allowed! If you are an angler and a PA resident with a fishing license, grilling your catch will be a treat.

Cabin or vacation rental getaways are more catered and cost a certain amount to cover the meal preparations, etc. Please do not expect a cuisine but do expect chicken rice with stir fried vegetables for dinner if you are into ethnic cuisine. American breakfast and sandwiches for lunch should be common and, most of all, affordable and simple.

Lodging & Camping

Expect sharing a room and/or a bed. You may request a private room for yourself for an additional fee. That means you will be paying more than those who are sharing a room or in my case finding a small corner in the room with my inflattable mattress and blanky if the sofa is taken. A non-refundable deposit will be required to confirm a cabin or vacation rental or a camping site.

Well, folks. I will update this page as time goes on. I truly hope this is not going to be a summer event only. So, keep checking out this page and do not hesitate to contact me via e-mail if this event or idea appeals to you.

Happy Naked Year and be good to yourself and one another.